Log into your Klubfunder account using your club administrator login details. 

Enter your Email address and Password

Once you have logged into your Klubfunder account click on 'Donations' 

You will then need to click on 'Create New Campaign'

Complete the required details for your donations campaign, i.e Campaign type, name of campaign, photo and description of the campaign

There is an area to enter the club desired goal target amount for their campaign

Under this you can enter the campaign predefined amounts, this will give the user set amounts to enter when donating to the campaign, this can be for example . £20, £50, £100

Once these details have been filled you can enter the player details

This can be done by clicking 'Add Player' 

This will show users when going into the donations area the players they can sponsor, a picture of them and a description about them

Once you have entered all of the above details click on 'Create Campaign'

Not in the klub? Register on our Free Grassroots plan today> https://www.klubfunder.com/Clubs/Pricing 

Below is a short video guide on setting up a donations sponsor player for a fundraiser  >