Klub Kiosk is the newest most efficient way to boost Lotto sales for your club.

Custom contactless payment station for Lotto, Event Tickets, Club Gear, and more.

Below you will find a complete breakdown of the costs associated with the Kiosk Lite.

Tablet Hardware:

Tablet - £219 wifi

Tablet angled charge cable - £8.49 

Kiosk Lite Tablet Stand - £70

SumUp Technology:

SumUp Reader - £19

SumUp Holder - £25

SumUp angled charge cable - £6.99

Double USB Plug - £6.98 

Additional Hardware:

Extension Lead - £5.97

Pens - £5.29 (pack of 6)

Poster Display case - £15.99 (pack of 3)

Total Costs: For the complete Kiosk Lite the price starts at £382.71 for available colours.