Klub Kiosk is a new innovative way to boost Lotto sales for your club.

Its a contactless payment station / hub for clubs to sell Lotto Tickets, Event Tickets, Club Gear, and more.

Below is a detailed breakdown of the costs associated with the Klub Kiosk.

Custom Made Klub Kiosk - £350+vat.

Core colour options: red, green, blue, yellow, black, white, grey and navy.   *Other colours available but price may vary

Tablet Hardware:

10" Android Tablet - From £150  (recommend Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 (link to item)

Locakable Tablet Holder - From £60 

Tablet angled charge cable - £8.49  (link to item)

SumUp Hardware:

SumUp Reader - £19 (discounted partner price)

SumUp Holder - £25

Angled charge cable - £6.99

Double USB Plug - £6.98 

Total Costs: For the complete custom Klub Kiosk the price comes in around £725. depending on spec