This article will be explaining how to view reports in Resource Booker, this area will show you how you can view available slots for specific resources you have created.

STEP 1: Log into your Klubfunder account and scroll down on the main dashboard until you see 'Resource Booker'. 

Then click into this area.

STEP 2: Once you have clicked into 'Resource Booker' click into 'Reports'.

You will then see this screen below.

STEP 3: Next, click 'select resource'. Choose the resource you wish to view the availability of.

STEP 4: Click the box next to 'Date Range', and select the date range you wish to apply.

Once selected click the Blue 'Apply' button.

STEP 5: Then click the blue 'Apply Filter' button.

Once you have clicked 'Apply Filter', you will see the availability of the resource you have selected, for the Date Range you have selected.