This article will be explaining how to create a volunteer request as a club admin.

This article will also explain how to notify your members of the volunteer request, once the request has been created.

STEP 1. Once you have logged in to your Klubfunder account, scroll down until you see 'Volunteer Klub', then click into this area.

STEP 2: Once you have clicked into the 'Volunteer Klub' area, you will see this screen.

Click 'Create new volunteer request'. This will load the screen in the next step.

STEP 3: Once you have clicked the 'create new volunteer request', you will see this screen.

To create the volunteer request, fill out the boxes below to set your criteria.

Set a closing date and time for the volunteer request.

STEP 4: Once you have filled in all criteria, click the update button. 

STEP 5: Once you have clicked 'Update' you will see the 'Activities section appear'.

Once you see this screen, click 'Create'.

STEP 6: Once you have clicked 'Create' you will see your Volunteer request appear on this screen.

To send a notification to your members/volunteers, click the 'Send notification' button

STEP 7: Once you have clicked 'Send Notification' you will see this screen appear.

Click 2-way notification to begin creating your notification.

STEP 8: Once you have clicked the '2-way notification' area you will see this drop down menu.

This has already created the heading and notification message as it relates to your volunteer request, you can also edit the text if you like by clicking in the boxes and retyping text.

You can also change the expiry date by clicking the drop down arrow next to 'Expires after ... days'

STEP 9:  Once you have set an expiry date and edited the notification text, the next step is to select the responses and the recipients of the message.

To select the response type a response in the 'create a list of responses...' column and click add.

To select the recipients, click the box next to the relevant volunteer category.

For example, in this volunteer request I have clicked 'Refreshments/tea/coffee'

Then click the green send button.

STEP 10: Once you have sent the notification, you can send reminders to your recipients.

Click 'View sent notifications' and you will see this drop down menu.

Click 'Send reminders', this will send a reminder to all recipients of the notification.

You can click 'View responses' to see what your recipients respond with.