Through the website MyAccount area, you can set up your own Categories for members to subscribe to. 

For example, you could set these up at a team level to send team specific notifications

These can be set up through the main website. 

Browse to 

Log in with your club administrator login details

Click on 'Club Mobile Notifications'

Now click on the 'Notification Settings' tab

By default the KlubApp will have been set up with the default 'Categories' in the list below

The Categories are: 




Sponsor/Partner Offers

The above categories will be visible to everyone who accesses the KlubApp regardless of which club they are associated with. 


To add new categories click on 'Manage notification categories'  within the 'Notification Settings' menu.

Next click on the 'Add notification category'

Enter a name for the new category you wish to create and then click 'Save'

Once you have clicked on 'Save', your new category will appear under the heading 'Your club notification categories'.

Users can subscribe/un-subscribe' to the categories they are interested in by following these instructions.  Click here to see how a user can manage the notifications they receive.

Check out our KlubApp demo video below

If you haven't already download the KlubApp by clicking on the relevant button below