Step 1

Login to your Klubfunder account using your club administrator login.

Step 2

Click on 'Manage Fundraising Games' menu option

(If this does not show, click on the "Settings" button and then switch on the fundraising games feature from the services tab)

Step 3 

Click on the "Manage Custom Predictors" button in the Custom Predictors section

Step 4

Next click the "Create Competition" button in the Existing Predictors section

Choose the type of Predictor you would like to use. You can choose:

By Score - Players predict the scores of the games each round and and award points on how close the predictions are

By Result - Players predict the results of the games (Home Win, Away Win or Draw) and are awarded points if correct

For this demo we will be creating the predictor in the 'By Result' Format

When creating 'By Result' format you can also decide the amount of points given for each result.

For example, in the image below you can see that predicting an away win or draw award more points than a home win.

To do this simply click the drop down arrow next to each result and select a number.

Then enter the name and entry fee for your competition and click the "Create" button

Step 5

Now that the competition is created, you can set up your teams , rounds and fixtures. 

Click the "Manage" button beside the competition name

Next add in the list of teams you will create fixtures against

Next add in the Phases/Rounds.  You can add one round at a time or can add multiple.  You can manage which is the active round

Click the "Mark As Active" button to make the round the current active / live round that players will be able to predict on 

Finally add in the fixture for the Round