Our Kpos system allows Klub's to take contactless payments, and online payments all through the Klubapp.

Klubs can add any products/services their Klub provides through Kpos.

For this Step-Step guide, the Kpos system will be focused on a refreshments tuck shop for a clubhouse.

STEP 1: Click into Ticket Sales

Firstly log into your Klubfunder account with your Log in details.

To create items for your Tuck shop Click into 'Ticket Sales' on the right side of the screen.

STEP 2: 'Add New Ticket For Sale'

Once you have clicked into ticket sales, click the orange 'Add New Ticket For Sale button'

STEP 3: Once you have clicked 'Add New Ticket' you will see this screen

Fill out the information regarding the product you are selling.

Select a picture so your users can easily see the product.

STEP 4: Turn on KPOS paying options

Select 'Sell Tickets via kPOS' and 'kPOS - Use Quick Pay'

Once done, click Save.

STEP 5: Now you can see your ticket

Now you can see your ticket, which is available to be purchased by your members, through the Klubapp.