Custom Predictor is a popular game where a group of players predict the scores for a set of fixtures. They will get points for their predicted scores based on both their predicted outcome of the match and also if their predicted score lines were correct. The competition continues until all the rounds have been completed, then the player with the highest score wins the the competition.

Custom Predictor allows the admin to have more control than Score Predictor, Custom Predictor allows the admin to build the game around any set of fixtures or league, they decide.

Custom Predictor also has a Results Predictor format, this is where the participants make results predictions rather than the specific score. E.g, 'Home win, Away win, draw etc.'

  • Personalisation creates greater Fan Engagement
  • You can create a Fundraising Game based on any League in the World*
  • Popular, well played formats available such as "Super Six" style Score Predictor and Home/Draw/Away Predictors.