The Take Your Pick fundraiser is an alternative option to the traditional prize draw / raffle.   It can also be used as a Sweepstake type fundraiser format also e.g. Grand National Horses,  Minute Goal Scored fundraiser....etc.

The klub decides on a set of prizes.  Each prize is hidden behind a number/box  (online version)

Klub members pay an entry fee for the fundraiser and are then able to select a number from the list of available options

They will then receive an instant notification if they have chosen a number with a prize behind it or not

How it works

Step 1

The club decides how many numbers/boxes they would like to have and the entry fee to make a selection  e.g.   100 boxes @ £10 per pick,  200 boxes @ £5 per pick, 300 boxes @ £20 per pick.

Step 2    

The club then decides the list of prizes that will be on offer.  These can be monetary prizes or other prizes like items of club gear, match tickets, experiences, vouchers from local sponsors or businesses.    The more prizes on offer the more attractive the fundraiser will be.  The club allocates each prize to a number / box

Step 3

The club then sends out the link to the fundraiser via social media, whatsapp, email notifications.     Members can enter and play online