Grassroot clubs will ONLY have access to the 'Full Sales Report', whereas our partner clubs will have access to advanced reports in addition to the 'Full Sales Report' 

The 'Full Sales Report' will export every detail captured from the sale i.e. transaction date, product name, product code, contact name, address, price paid, etc.  

The next step for the club is to sort all the information in this file and convert it into an order that they can send onto the supplier.  This can take some time for the club to do.  To save the club time and hassle we have created advanced reports so that all the hard work is done for you at the click of a button. 

Partner clubs will have access to all the shop reports the 'Full Sales Report, the 'Supplier Order Report', the 'Quanties Report' and the 'Despatch Note'

The benefit of having access to these reports is outlined below.  For example if a club has online shop sales and they want to quickly see the quanties that they need to order they will simply click on the 'Quanties Report'.  This will automatically produce a report like the one below.  There is no sorting of columns required.  Instead they have all the information at hand.

Quantities Report

The 'Supplier Order Report' is slightly more detailed.  For instance if a club shop had captured initials to go on tops.  It will produce a report something similar to the report below as the supplier will need more detail on what size of tops require initials.  Again like before this order is created at the click on a button with no filtering required by the club. 

Supplier Order Report 

To help with the despatch of the orders we have also created a 'Despatch Note' 

See an example of the Despatch note below. It will show the customers details along with all the items they have purchased which will make the collection/deliveries of customer orders easier for the club to manage.  

Despatch Note

If you feel your club could benefit from these advance shop reports then upgrade today using the link below or alternatively send us an email