You can select the role(s) you have at the club through the KlubApp e.g.  a member, a coach, a parent , a player  e.t.c

By default when you download the app and login for the first time your role will be set to 'Guest' 

To update these settings or add new roles you simply follow the instructions below. 

Log in to the KlubApp.  The name of the klub you are registered to will appear at the top of the dashboard. (If you are registered to multiple klubs then you can choose which club you would like to default to when you login) 

Within the dashboard you will see a menu option 'Your Account'

When you click on 'Your Account' you will then see an additional menu 'Club notification settings'

When you click on 'Club notification settings' you will once again see the klubs name and below the klub name there will be 3 tabs.

'My Role', 'Notify Me', and 'Volunteer'

My Role

By default your role will be set to 'Guest'.  Simply change this setting by clicking on the role(s) that best describes you.  Some of these roles will require approval from the club.

Role Categories

There is a drop down where you can filter by the different role categories. The default categories are:


Parent / Player


You can select the category from the drop down list to view the roles related to that category

Check out our KlubApp demo video below

If you haven't already download the KlubApp by clicking on the relevant button