Watch the Demo Video with instructions.

From your main account area select the menu option on the top left corner.


From the menu select Administration then click on Create Survey


Then fill out your survey information


Once you have the Survey title description expiry date and expiry time filled out you can move onto your questions.

Once you have typed your question you have two response types

  1. The user selects response is an option where you can add answers that your members can choose from. Once you have typed your response hit the green add response to add another
  2. The second option is an open-ended response where you can add an option for members to type a response


When you have your question finished always click Add question to survey to add your question and start another if required.

If you have finished your questions select the Next button on the top right of the screen.

A screen will appear for you to check your questions once you are happy with your review you can hit Create Survey.

If you want to amend a question hit the previous button and delete the question and re-add a new one!