To use 'Training Fees' your club firstly needs to capture their members data via the 'Member Registration' module of Klubfunder.  In the 'membership' template you will capture the 'team' they are part of.  This 'team' is then allocated a training fee.  This could be a weekly or monthly fee.  For example you many wish to collect a monthly fee of £20 for 9 consecutive months for your members to train. Other teams may want to collect a lower/higher fee.

Step 1 - Setup

Contact us at to help get the club teams and training fee / club due amounts setup.

We work with the club to get this set up and will advice on what we think will work best for you club.

Step 2 - Send out the payment reminder email

Once your members are registered you will see them appear in the "Training Fees" area of the website.  Click the "Training Fees" menu option from the MyAccount area.   

Then click on the "Payment Reminders" tab

Use the Search Options to filter your list by Team or Payment Status. 

Then select the members you would like to send out the Payment Setup Link to.   You can select them individullay by clicking on the checkbox at the end of their row. Or click the 'Select All' button to select everyone in your returned search results. 

Next click on the yellow button 'Send Payment Reminders to Selected Members' 

The members will then receive an email detailing the Training Fee / Club Dues payment plan and a link where they can proceed to set it up