Log in to the KlubApp with your club administrator login details.

When you first login you will be taken to the 'Adminstrator Dashboard'

From here click on the 3 lines at the top left hand of your page as highlighted above. 

Click on the Administration menu 

Under the menu option 'Volunteering' click on 'New Request'

Enter a title and a description for your event. See example below. 

Set a registration end date and time.  (The date you plan to close online registration for becoming a volunteer)

For any event that requires multiple tasks or jobs, you will need to create an activity for each task. 

Click 'Add new activity' as show in the screen above. 

For example if you are organising a gala dinner.  You might start with organising a venue.  You may also wish to approach businesses for sponsorship.  You will have to think about how you are going to sell the tickets.  Possibly you will hold an auction or a raffle on the night.  What started of with one thing can quickly turn into one hundred.

In the 'Add new activity' you will simply complete the task that needs to be done (What), when it needs to be done for and how many people it will take to complete the task.  Once you have entered your details click on 'Add activity'.  

You will need to repeat this process for each task you want to create.  See example below. 

Once you have entered all your details simply click on 'Save Changes'