When you create a Volunteer request via the Klubapp or website, there will be options to share the link via Facebook, Email, Twitter, etc. 

When a user receives the link and opens it, this is how it will look. 

If the user is interested in volunteering for an activity they simply click on 'Sign up' and complete their details as requested. 

Alternatively if the user already has an account they would click on the log in link provided. 

If a user already has an account, after they login.   They would click on 'Club Volunteering' 

Then on the 'details' button next to the event.

Once they click on 'Details' they will see a list of activities/tasks that need fulfilled.

If they want to volunteer themselves they simply click on 'Sign up'.  As you can see from the screen below it will then show them as registered for the activity.  As the one below only required 1 person you will see that the remaining places changes to show 'FULL' 

Once a person volunteers themselves for an activity the club admin will receive a notification.