Yes you can choose what kind of notifications you would like to receive from the klub(s).  These notifications are managed by their 'role' within the club (for example, are you a guest, a parent, a playing member etc)

You can then also select what categories you wish to be notified about, i.e. 'Club Events', 'Club News', 'Club Lotto'

By default when you download the app and login for the first time your settings will be set to 'Guest' and the 'Notify Me' categories will be defaulted to 'Club Events', 'Club News' and 'Lotto'

To activate or deactivate these settings you simply follow the instructions below. 

Log in to the KlubApp.  The name of the klub you are registered to will appear at the top of the dashboard. (If you are registered to multiple klubs then you can choose which club you would like to default to when you login) 

Within the dashboard you will see a menu option 'Your Account'

When you click on 'Your Account' you will then see an additional menu 'Club notification settings'

When you click on 'Club notification settings' you will once again see the klubs name and below the klub name there will be 3 tabs.

'My Role', 'Notify Me', and 'Volunteer'

My Role

By default your role will be set to 'Guest'.  Simply change this setting by clicking on the role that best describes you.  Some of these roles will require approval from the club.

Notify Me

By default 'Club Events', 'Club News' and 'Lotto' will be activated for the user.  To deactivate simply click on the area that you are not interested in receiving notifications from.  The klub may add in new categories so it is always good to check your notification settings to activate any new options added. 


All options will be deactivated by default.  If you want to receive notifications on any of these Volunteering categories simple click on the areas you are interested in.  The klub may over time add in more options so it is always good to check your notification settings to activate any new options added. 

If the email address you used to log in to the KlubApp with is registered to more than one club you will have to activate or deactivate your 'notifications settings' for each club.

To do this use the drop down arrow shown below to select a different Club

Check out our KlubApp demo video below

If you haven't already download the KlubApp by clicking on the relevant button