Yes you can.

By default the KlubApp has predefined 'roles' that every club will see (these roles can be viewed below)  

The only 'role' which has been granted the ability to send notifications to others is the 'Committee Member' role.  

The Roles are: 


Playing Member

Non Playing Member


Committee Member


However a club can create its own 'roles' and at the time of creating these roles they can choose whether to let the users send notifications. 

For example a club might want to create a role called 'Senior Management'

At the time of creating this role you will see 2 check boxes 

1. Requires approval

2. Can send notifications

If you select 'can send notifications' this user will be allowed to send notifications.  These notifications will however be restricted to 'custom categories' that the club create.  

Having created a new 'role' for your club and having selected the 'can send notifications' checkbox you now must go to the menu option 'Manage which roles can send to which categories'

Any custom 'roles' you have created for your club should appear here, i.e. 'Senior Management'

If you then click on 'Modify mappings' any custom categories you have created for your club should appear.

Simply select the checkbox next to the required category and then click on 'Save' 

This will then allow anyone who has been granted the custom role of 'Senior Management' to send notifications to those who have expressed an interest in who have activated to receiving notifications for category 'Senior Team'

Check out our KlubApp demo video below

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