In the main website MyAccount area you can set up your own Roles for members to select from. 

For example, you could set up a role called "Committee Member" and restrict access to only members of the committee. Notifications can then be sent direct to that role only

New Roles can be set up through the main website. 

Go to 

Log in with your club administrator login details

Click on 'Club Mobile Notifications'

Now click on the 'Notification Settings' tab

To add new roles click on 'Manage notification user profiles'


By default the KlubApp will have been set up with the 'Roles' in the list below

The Roles are: 


Playing Member (*)

Non Playing Member

Parent (*)

Committee Member (*)

Coach (*)

The above roles will be visible to everyone who accesses the KlubApp regardless of which club they are associated with. 

When a user first logs in their role will automatically be defaulted to 'guest' role

Some roles require approval from the club, so if a user changes their role from guest to playing member or parent.  The club will have to approve the new role they have selected.  Click here for more information on how to approve a role. 

The roles above that are marked above with a (*) are those that will need approval from the club.  If a club chooses to set up its own roles in addition to the ones above, they will be asked at the time of creating the roles if they will require approval. 


When you click on 'Add user profile' the following dialogue will appear.

Enter a new 'role' in the 'Profile name' field.

If you require this role to be approved select the 'Requires approval' checkbox

If you would a user who has this role to be able to send notifications, select the 'Can send notifications' checkbox.

When you have completed your entry click on 'Save'

The user can select any ROLE that is relevant to them and also subscribe to any categories they are interested in by following these instructions.  Click here to see how a user can manage the notifications they receive.

Check out our KlubApp demo video below

If you haven't already download the KlubApp by clicking on the relevant button below