Yes Klubfunder supports offline lotto sales.  Clubs can use this feature if a person paid them a cash payment or possibly had an ongoing direct debit payment set up.  It works the same way as online lotto sales works except for the online payment. 

Simply login to your Klubfunder account using your club administrator login details.

Click on 'Club Lotto'

You will see a section call 'Add Lotto Offline Sales'

Simply enter the First and Last name of the person who made the offline purchase.  Enter an email address, phone number and the lotto numbers.  If you want to add more than one line of numbers simply click on the +Add Line button.  You will also need to enter the number of weeks the user should be entered for.  Once you have completed all details click on the 'Add button'.

Every lotto has a cut off time for online lotto sales (normally one hour before the draw).  Adding offline sales will also work the same way.  If you add an offline lotto sale after this cut off time the user will not be entered into the upcoming draw. They will however be entered into the next lotto, similar to how online sales works. 

Offline credits are deducted in the same way as online credits are deducted, so each week when the club enter the lotto results the users credits are deducted by one. 

Clubs can also request that offline sales are removed.  They will not have the ability to do this via their own club administrator login, however if they send an email to we can do this for them. 

When offline sales are added they will show in the 'Sales Report' and the 'Check Lotto Lines' report.