The training fees tab is automatically defaulted to show members registered from June of the current training year, however as club admin you can change this date if required. 

In 'Training Fees' you will notice that there is two tabs.  One called 'Payment History' and one called 'Payment Reminders'

The 'Payment History' tab is where you will find more details on who had paid, and how many payments they have made and the date of these payments.  You can seach on any of the filters provided on the screen.  Always remember to click on 'Apply Filter' to complete your search.

The Payment History tab will always show the most recent transaction at the top of the page. 

The 'Payment Reminders' tab is where you can manage which members have 'not paid' and send out reminders. 

The 'Payment Status' will show you the current state of payments. 

'Recurring Payment' is when the member is on a current payment plan.  

'Subscription Completed' is when the currrent payment plan has been completed, i.e. all payments have been made. 

Subscription Cancelled' is when the member cancelled the payment plan before it was completed, so not all payments were made. 

'Not Paid' - the member hasn't made any payments. 

The simplest way to identify who needs to pay, is to do a search of 'Not Paid' using the 'Payment Status' field. 

Use the 'Select All' button to select everyone in your returned search results.  Then click on the yellow button 'Send Payment Reminders to Selected Members' 

To use 'Training Fees' your club firstly needs to capture their members data via the 'Member Registration' module of Klubfunder.  In the 'membership' template you will capture the 'team' they are part of.  This 'team' is then allocated a training fee.  This could be a weekly or monthly fee.  For example you many wish to collect a monthly fee of £20 for 9 consecutive months for your members to train. Other teams may want to collect a lower/higher fee.  We work with the club to get this set up and will advice on what we think will work best for you club.

Our Partner Clubs will have access to a 'late/failed payments' report which will help them easily identify who is not making payments as expected.