My club has an event coming up and we are selling tickets for £20 however we would also like to give people the option to buy 3 tickets for £50.  Is there away of doing this?

The club admin will need to create 2 tickets using the 'Add New Ticket For Sale'  See example below

Once you have created your tickets you can share these links via your social media channels.  When the user clicks on the link this is what will be displayed.  See example below. 

As a club admin you can log into your account at any time to see how many tickets have been sold. 

It is important to remember that for the ticket  'Christmas Draw 3 Tickets for 50 pounds' although this will only show as 1 ticket sale it is actually the equivalent of 3 tickets being sold.  So when you are setting 'No of tickets available online' you will need to consider this. 

If you need any further assistance email