Recurring Subscriptions done through Stripe can be cancelled in one of 3 ways.

1. The club administrator of the club can cancel it via their Stripe Account

Go to your Stripe Account - Click on 'Subscriptions' 

When you have clicked on Subscriptions you will see a list of customers appear.  It will also show the date the subscripiton was created.  Click on the icon next to the customer and then click on 'Cancel Subscription' 

Once you have clicked on 'Cancel Subscription' the following dialogue will appear.  Click on 'Cancel Subscription'

Once you click on 'Cancel Subscription' you will see the 'Status' will change to 'Canceled'

If you then login to your Klubfunder account using your club administator login details you will see the payment status will also update to 'Subscription Canceled'

2.  Alternatively the member/user can cancel their subscription via their Klubfunder account. 

The user would login to their Klubfunder account, then click on the Subscriptions menu.

Having clicked on 'Subscriptions' the user will see any recurring payment plans they have created.  It will show the date the subscription was created and it will also show the reference number for the transaction.  The user will click on 'Remove Subscription' 

Having clicked on the 'Remove Subscription' button they will receive a confirmation message.  If the user wants to proceed they will click 'Yes'

The subscription will then show as 'Canceled'

If the club administrator logs into their account they will also see the 'Payment Status' has been updated to 'Subscription Canceled' 

3.  The other way to cancel a subscription is to contact Klubfunder

Email: hello@klubfunder, in the email please include the date the subscription was created, the email address used to create the subscription and the transaction reference, which you will be able to find in your confirmation email.