When a member first registers online to your klub via Klubfunder it will create an account for this user. The account is created using their email address.

The member can login to their 'My account' area at any time and view all purchases they have made to this klub or any other klub provided they have used the same email address each time.

When the members logs in, they will simply click on the 'Club Membership' menu.   This will show them their membership purchases.  To 'renew' their membership all they need to do is click on the 'Renew' option. 

Having clicked on the 'Renew' button above it will then ask them to choose which membership products they wish to purchase.  Once they have added these items to their basket and clicked on the 'Buy Now' button.  The online registration form will appear. 

The member will then be presented with a 'Select a member' drop list.  This will include a list of members they have previously registered and it will allow them to select which members is appropriate to which form.  On selecting a member it will pre-populate details for this user.  Updates can be made if required. 

On completion of the forms the member will then make the required payment.  On making payment the member will then receive a confirmation email for the purchase they have just made. The club will also receive a confirmation email. 

If the above information has not answered your question please send an email to hello@klubfunder.com