Clubs can access their Payment Provider account (i.e Stripe) to manage payments.   They can also perform specific searches in the ‘Payment History’ tab of membership within Klubfunder, i.e. members name, email address or a transaction ID.

Clubs who are on our silver plan will have access to advanced reports for keeping track of late payments.  Any late or failed payments will be easily tracked using this report.

Follow the steps below to find out how to use advanced reports.

STEP 1: Log into the Klubfunder platform with your admin log in, and then scroll down to 'Club Membership'.

Then click 'Club Membership'

STEP 2: Once clicked into 'Club Membership' you will see the screen below.

Click into 'Late / Missed Payments Report to Excel (last 12 mths)'

STEP 3: Clicking into the payment report, will bring you to this area.

Here you can see the information of the member, e.g, member name and the team they play for.

The 'Number of payments due' area, shows the amount the player was originally meant to pay.

'Total paid' shows the amount this member has paid currently.

'Last payment received' shows you as an admin, when the last payment was taken for this membership product.

The 'Transaction reference' is shared between the member, and the club admin/s and can be used for reference when speaking to the members about payments.

If the above information has not answered your questions fully please do not hesitate to contact us: 

(Please make the subject of the email (Member registration enquiry)