If a club is using Stripe as their payment provider, the member can update their card details or remove their subscription completely via their ‘My Account’ area in Klubfunder.  They simply login and click on the ‘Subscriptions’ menu at the bottom right of their screen.  If they choose to update their subscription, they will have the option of updating their card number, expiry and CSV. 

Alternatively, if they want to remove their subscription, they will simple click on ‘Remove Subscription’.  On doing so a confirmation email will be sent to the user and a copy of this email will also be sent to the club administrator.  

The club can also do a quick search on cancelled subscriptions from their ‘My Account’ area.  They would simply go to the ‘Payment History’ tab of membership and filter the ‘Payment Status’ field to show ‘Subscription Cancelled’

Clubs can also access their Stripe account directly to update card details and cancel subscriptions for members.

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