No, this is done automatically at the time of purchase.

When a person first makes a transaction on Klubfunder it will create an account for this user. The account is created using their email address.

Once the transaction has been processed they will receive an email ‘Account has been created’. This email will direct the user to create a password for their account. If the user does not create a password or login to their account at the time they have the option of doing this at a later date by clicking on the ‘reset password’ link in the ‘Login’ page.

When a user logs into Klubfunder they will see a full transaction history of any purchases they have made for this club or any club using this email address.

Any future transactions will also be available to view from within their ‘My Account’ area.

If a user has an active payment subscription set up with any Klub via the Klubfunder platform they will also have the ability to update or cancel this subscription via their ‘My Account’ area.

If a user has made purchases using two different email address for the same klub or two different clubs they will have two klubfunder accounts as the accounts are created using each unique email address.