KlubFunder provides a one stop platform to help clubs collect payments online. 

KlubFunder gives clubs the ability to collect payments online for:

Club membership and registration fees. Clubs can collect their membership details and payments online 

General tickets sales e.g sell additional tickets for a Night At Races event or an event like 'Strictly Come Dancing'

Club Merchandise - enabling clubs to collect orders and take payments for club gear online.

Fundraising Draw tickets e.g sell additional tickets for a club development or prize draw online.

Club lotto tickets. This gives the club the ability to reach a wider audience and sell additional tickets online.

Event Registration give clubs the ability to take online registrations and payments for road races, summer camps, celebratory dinners

Fundraising games like Last Man Standing and Score Predictor. KlubFunder reduces the admin tasks of running these fundraising games by up to 90%.

General Payments enables clubs to take donations online or adhoc payments. 

KlubFunder.com will be working with clubs to look at what other online services would be of benefit to the club and adding these down the line.