Firstly ensure your club is registered to 

Start by signing into your KlubFunder account. Once logged in, use the menu on the right of the page and click on ‘Edit Club Details’ 

The ‘Club Details’ page will appear. At bottom of page click on the ‘Connect with Stripe’ button.


You will now be redirected to Stripe. 

Complete all the required fields on this page. This will include where the club is based along with bank account details for the club so payments can be made directly into the club’s bank account. It will also ask for an email address. 

Once you have completed the form you will be redirected back to the KlubFunder website. 

You should then receive an email from Stripe to advice that an account has been created and you will need to verify this account in order to activate it. 

Once you have verified your Stripe account, send us an email to letting us know you have created and activated your clubs Stripe account.

To login to your Stripe account HERE  

Login to your Klubfunder Account HERE