Collecting Payments Online via your own Payment Provider

If you want to collect donations or payments online, then you will need a Payment Provider to facilitate this for you. There are a number of Payment Providers offering this service. Below is a list the payment providers that are currently support by KlubFunder:

  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • GoCardless
  • Cashflows

If your club has an existing payment provider set up, KlubFunder may be able to integrate directly into this provider so payments can go directly to your clubs account. Give us a call to check what providers we currently integrate with. If your provider is not on our list we may be able to add it in during a future release.

Note:  Some payment providers have restrictions on what their services can be used to collect payments for.  For instance competitions or activities that involve an entry fee and cash prize may in some case require approval from your provider. 

Collecting Payments Online via the Klubfunder Payment Provider

Another option for clubs is to use the Klubfunder payment provider (Cashflows). Its approved for gaming type transactions. We pass on the commission charges that we get charged for processing the online payments. KlubFunder charges no additional commission on this. 

If you want to use our Payment Provider we will forward you on our payment services agreement that our payment provider requires any clubs using our payment service to sign.

Collect Payment via Cash


Some clubs may prefer to collect payment via cash.  This may only be suitable for some of the fundraising services e.g. games where the club administrator can mark the players as paid using their club administrator login.  Alternatively clubs may choose to do a combination of cash and online payments. 


Payment Providers will charge a small commission fee to process online payments. The various options and associated costs can be found at the link below